Store-Operations (Manager)

  Horizon Retail Solutions offers a suite of products to complement our Point of Sale solution at store locations. Horizon Store Operations provides software to facilitate the following activities:

  • Receive purchase orders
  • Perform cycle counts
  • Perform store inventory
  • Print shelf labels
  • Interface with RF Guns for the above activities
  • Manage regular and promotional price activations

Store-Operations (Manager) Features

Cycle Count Features:

  • Corporate staff can request that stores count specific inventory items.
  • Store staff can initiate cycle count to update inventory on Corporate database.
  • Security determines who can enter, close, and verify Cycle Counts before they export to Corporate.

Purchase Order Features:

  • Purchase orders entered at Corporate are automatically sent to the appropriate store location(s).
  • Partial purchase order receivings are allowed (i.e. multiple receivers per purchase order).
  • New purchase orders can be created, received and sent to corporate.

Store Physical Inventory Features:

  • Intuitive query screen to facilitate management of the inventory
  • Tools to enter, edit and delete count records
  • Security determines who can enter, close and verify the inventory before exporting it for Corporate.
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel for custom calculations and manipulation

Price Management Features:

  • Configure either corporate or each store to determine when price changes go into effect
  • Run intra-day promotions
  • Support any number of quantity pricing (2 for $, 3 for $, 5 for $, etc.)
  • Automatically print new shelf labels as desired for price, description, or other desired changes
  • Rollback or undo price changes put into effect
  • Create cascading price changes for markdown items

Cycle Counts
The corporate office may send down groups of cycle count requests to the stores. A list of cycle counts can be displayed at the store, along with a look at a single cycle count.

Purchase Orders
Shipments sent from the distribution center to the store may be received using the Purchase Order features in Store Manager. A list of purchase orders can be displayed, along with a look at a single purchase order’s receivings.

Price Event Management
Sales and promotions may be generated by the corporate office and sent to the store for automatic implementation, or for the store to implement when ready. This allows the store time to produce sales signage as necessary.